I'm not dead.

Just incredibly fucking lazy.

I'm also working on making a Let's Play of Majora's Mask. I've got 20 videos or so edited, all I gotta do is finish recording from Ikana Canyon onward, then do the voiceover commentary.



Fallout 1 and 2

I'm considering doing a Let's Play of these games. I love them so much.

I even got them to work on Windows 7 after hours of struggling with rainbow colors.

All I had to do was install a bunch of mods from No Mutants Allowed

The Vault Dweller and the Chosen One are much cooler than the Vault 101 Dweller and the Courier anyway.


XFX Makes Shitty Video Cards

My video card died this morning. That's the second time I've had a broken XFX ATI Card.

I greatly prefer Sapphire as a card manufacturer, in fact when I built this PC I had a Sapphire card and it was great, however when I moved my computer was shipped FedEx and they banged the hell out of my computer and broke my video card and my main PCIe 16x slot.

Since then I've been using XFX since that seems to be the only brand that Best Buy carries for some reason????? Whatever.



When the passing first came out you could pull some pretty crazy shit

they've fixed it since then

also nobody's clicking i'm getting kind of mad


Dead Rising 2

Let's talk about Dead Rising 2 and how fuckin GREAT it is on EVERY POSSIBLE LEVEL.

  1. Chuck is less of a dickhole than Frank
  2. They fixed survivor AI so that it's actually pretty good.
  3. Capcom did not put a ledge in front of the saferoom this time around.
  4. They give you alot more time in between story missions (partially to find Zombrex) this time around, so you can find survivors or fight psychos or whatever.
  5. This one is on the PC. All games should be on the PC. Any game not on the PC and also not on Steam is not worth buying with only a handful of exceptions.
  7. There is a money system and you can buy shit if you don't want to go out looking for it. 
  8. Chuck's one liners after killing psychopaths are better than anything Frank West has ever said.
  9. Item combos. All you really need are the knife gloves though.
  10. There is NO GODDAMNED OTIS.
  11. None of the psychopaths respawn (I'm looking at you, escaped convicts.)
  12. The final day you get about a million queens so killing zombies gets easier.
 Also my friends from the internet made this video.



New Vegas

So, I've been playing Fallout New Vegas. Here, have some opinions.

Not nearly as buggy as Fallout 2! The game plays pretty much identically to Fallout 3. Also I think this is the first main-series Fallout game where the main character didn't grow up in a vault. You're just some knucklehead from the block.

So far it's pretty good, and it's keeping my interest. Then again I usually get to the very last part of a game before I get bored and forget about it because a new game came out that I wanted to play, so we'll see.

ALSO: Really guys click some shit already. Gawd. Don't worry about my CTR I'll deal with that.