I'm not dead.

Just incredibly fucking lazy.

I'm also working on making a Let's Play of Majora's Mask. I've got 20 videos or so edited, all I gotta do is finish recording from Ikana Canyon onward, then do the voiceover commentary.



Fallout 1 and 2

I'm considering doing a Let's Play of these games. I love them so much.

I even got them to work on Windows 7 after hours of struggling with rainbow colors.

All I had to do was install a bunch of mods from No Mutants Allowed

The Vault Dweller and the Chosen One are much cooler than the Vault 101 Dweller and the Courier anyway.


XFX Makes Shitty Video Cards

My video card died this morning. That's the second time I've had a broken XFX ATI Card.

I greatly prefer Sapphire as a card manufacturer, in fact when I built this PC I had a Sapphire card and it was great, however when I moved my computer was shipped FedEx and they banged the hell out of my computer and broke my video card and my main PCIe 16x slot.

Since then I've been using XFX since that seems to be the only brand that Best Buy carries for some reason????? Whatever.



When the passing first came out you could pull some pretty crazy shit

they've fixed it since then

also nobody's clicking i'm getting kind of mad


Dead Rising 2

Let's talk about Dead Rising 2 and how fuckin GREAT it is on EVERY POSSIBLE LEVEL.

  1. Chuck is less of a dickhole than Frank
  2. They fixed survivor AI so that it's actually pretty good.
  3. Capcom did not put a ledge in front of the saferoom this time around.
  4. They give you alot more time in between story missions (partially to find Zombrex) this time around, so you can find survivors or fight psychos or whatever.
  5. This one is on the PC. All games should be on the PC. Any game not on the PC and also not on Steam is not worth buying with only a handful of exceptions.
  7. There is a money system and you can buy shit if you don't want to go out looking for it. 
  8. Chuck's one liners after killing psychopaths are better than anything Frank West has ever said.
  9. Item combos. All you really need are the knife gloves though.
  10. There is NO GODDAMNED OTIS.
  11. None of the psychopaths respawn (I'm looking at you, escaped convicts.)
  12. The final day you get about a million queens so killing zombies gets easier.
 Also my friends from the internet made this video.



New Vegas

So, I've been playing Fallout New Vegas. Here, have some opinions.

Not nearly as buggy as Fallout 2! The game plays pretty much identically to Fallout 3. Also I think this is the first main-series Fallout game where the main character didn't grow up in a vault. You're just some knucklehead from the block.

So far it's pretty good, and it's keeping my interest. Then again I usually get to the very last part of a game before I get bored and forget about it because a new game came out that I wanted to play, so we'll see.

ALSO: Really guys click some shit already. Gawd. Don't worry about my CTR I'll deal with that.



Cheap Let's Play Setup

You're gonna need a shitload of cables and a Sabrent Easycap STK1160, but all in all it'll cost you way less than a Dazzle or Black Magic capture card.

Professor Edgeworth and the Curious Spirit Medium Village

Now with subtitles so that people can figure out what the hell is going on!

AD/BC A Rock Opera

British TV is pretty much the best thing.

Fallout New Vegas

Hey a video game came out. I'll let you know how it is once it finishes downloading. Probably buggy as hell, just like all previous fallout games ever made.

You should mortgage your house in Megaton. It's an investment.


I want to Play a Video Game

They should make a video game where you are taking out a 30 year mortgage in order to buy a house. I'd do a Let's Play of it.


Accidentally deleted all my comments because the comments tab on blogger is weird

The only good thing to come out of G4

Salsa Chicken

It's delicious.
Here's what you gotta do.

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.
Pour some olive oil into the bottom of a pyrex baking pan, just enough to cover the bottom.

mix these together in a bowl:
1 tbs chili power
2 tsp onion powder
2 tsp flour
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp garlic
1 tsp paprika

coat the chicken in your spice mixture thing if your kitchen doesn't smell like cumin you did something wrong.

put the chicken in the pan, and pour a jar of salsa over every single one. use a spoon to spread it around, if you want. it should be kind of evenly coating the chicken. You can use whatever kind of salsa you want, but I use a jar of Chipotle Salsa I get at S-Mart Supermarkets, but I unfortunately can't remember the brand.

bake for 30 to 40 minutes.

optionally, put some shredded cheese on top.

BAM you've got some salsa chicken


Welcome to Steak Town

Okay so in a bowl combine:
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup ketchup
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup bbq sauce
1 spoonful of crushed garlic
a pinch of black pepper
a pinch of paprika paprika

mix that shit together with a wisk

Put some steaks in a ziploc bag
pour the sauce you just concocted in there too

let it marinade for like an hour or two in the fridge

when it's done throw the steaks either on a grill or into a hot pan and cook however you want

I also use the same sauce to make slowcooker porkchops. The only difference is you cook the porkchops (starting from frozen) on low in a crockpot for 6 hours.

Goes well with rice


How to Softmod your Wii

Okay due to the very confusing, contradicting nature of the information on the internet I will attempt to explain how to Softmod your Wii by installing the homebrew channel.


There are several ways to go about this. Prior to the 4.0 Wii System Update, I preferred the Twilight Princess Hacked Savegame as it was pretty easy to do. As of 4.x it no longer works, though. If you have system menu 4.2 or earlier, you can use Bannerbomb, otherwise you will need a copy of Lego Indiana Jones or Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Since the current Wii system menu is 4.3, and Bannerbomb doesn't work on that, I'll focus on these:

The Lego Indiana Jones hack is known as "Indiana Pwns" because, hey, this is the internet. You can read more about that here, on the off chance you own Lego Indana Jones but not Brawl.
The Smash Bros one is known as "Smash Stack" because it's a stack overflow error and it's a programming joke only nerds will understand. Also if you're not a nerd you were probably going to be really frustrated by Twilight Princess and Bannerbomb anyway.

I'm focusing on the Smash Bros Brawl one, because Brawl sold alot more copies than Lego Indiana Jones (Although Lego Indiana Jones is a good game too) and was the reason alot of people bought a Wii. It also skips the Wii's internal hard drive entirely, so there's not to much screwing around with the Wii Settings-- Smash Stack essentially loads a custom stage that's actually the homebrew channel incongnito, and that causes an overflow allowing the code to run. This also means it'll be hard for Nintendo to patch.


You're gonna need an SD Memory Card, NOT SDHC. This means less than 2 Gigs in size. Smallest I've done this with is 256 MB. This memory card will be in your Wii most of the time, so it might be good to buy a new one for this, otherwise you'll need to switch it between your Wii and digital camera constantly and that's annoying to keep up with. Be sure to format it in FAT32. Any other Filesystem does us no good here.

You're also gonna need something that can open Zip Files but since this is no longer 1998, and every version of Windows since XP can do this natively now, I'm not gonna stress it. I prefer 7-Zip because it supports every file format ever invented, but you can use WinRAR or WinZip if you want.

Okay so what you have to do is move ALL your custom stages from your Wii System Memory to the SD Card. This won't work if there are ANY on the Wii's hard drive. Also be sure to shut off "Smash Service" if you have it enabled and delete those stages. If you have any of them you have to wait 24 hours after deleting them and shutting it off in order to continue.

Back up any custom stages to your computer for now, and format the memory card as FAT32.

Download the smash stack zip, the link is here below the Smash Stack Logo. Next, copy the private folder from it to the root of the SD card.

Download the HackMii installer from bootmii.org and put it (boot.elf) on the root of the SD card.

Put the SD card back in the Wii, start up Brawl, and go to the Stage Builder.

At this point boot.elf should load and HackMii will start running.

After a minute or two, it'll say "Press 1 to continue" at the bottom. At this point, it'll load a screen where you can install The Homebrew Channel, DVDX, and BootMii.

DVDX and BootMii are optional, but definitely install The Homebrew Channel. It's your new best friend.

DVDX is DVD Playback for the Wii which is something that Nintendo really dropped the ball on. Since I watch movies on my computer, I've never used it, though.

BootMii, however, is pretty useful. In case you destroy your Wii System Menu, BootMii can restore it if you install it. BootMii allows you to run homebrew before the System Menu even loads. If you have BootMii installed there's a pretty good chance you can unbrick your Wii if you do somehow Brick it. I've heard it's not compatible with some of the more recently made Wii's though.

But what we want right now is the Homebrew Channel. Go ahead and install it, it's the single most useful thing your Wii will have.

After that, you're good to go. You can go here and find any application you may need, although that list is kind of incomplete. You can find alot more Homebrew Programs on GBA Temp's forums, but the problem is, the information is surrounded by a sea of one time posters asking stupid questions.

Anyway, once you download an app, just put it in the apps folder on the SD card. It should be like, F:\apps, or something similar.

I'm gonna go out on some kind of crazy limb here and say you want this. This is NeoGamma. It lets you play "backups" of Wii games. Luckily, it has very few issues. I've been using it to play Metroid: Other M which is a fairly recent release.

I'm not answering questions about your specific Wii. I'm not Jesus Christ, I've come to accept that now.

Zombie Chess

Fuckin' Zombie Master is the best HL2 mod ever

RECIPE TIME: Ham/Chicken/Turkey Tetrazzini

chop up some cooked ham, turkey, or chicken until you have about 3 cups worth. set it aside
saute 1 cup of chopped mushrooms in about half a stick of butter, set aside

in the same pan you made the mushrooms in
3 tbs flour
2 1/2 cups chicken broth
1 cup evaporated milk

reduce this until it's kind of thick and smooth

then, add the mushrooms and meat of your choice, along with some parmesean cheese

cook 8 oz of spaghetti al-dente

mix everything together and then pour it in a pyrex baking dish
top with more parmesean cheese and if you want you could add some monterey jack on top as well

bake it at 350 degrees for 25 min - 30 min

you CAN get away with using oscar meyer sandwich ham if you want but you can't pull it off with chicken or turkey since sandwich chicken and turkey are generally rubbery and gross

How Could You

So back in January there was a huge indie games sale on steam, me and a few friends got a ten dollar pack with like seven games.

Galcon Fusion was the only game in the pack (other than altitude) that didn't totally suck.

This is me VS Gado. He tries to give up halfway through but it doesn't work. Also you can't hear me because Fraps didn't have an option to record windows sound and microphones at the same time back then.

Peggle Nightmares

I gotta start loading up some content into this bitch.

Let's start with the youtube video I am most proud of, a Peggle Nights video with Propane Nightmares over it.